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Low cost health screenings in seconds
    Currently not approved by the FDA and is not for sale in the United States..
 The iDetect AI software is a non-invasive, easy to use health screening program. This technology eliminates the need for uncomfortable nasal swabs and venous puncture needles so anyone with a smartphone can get screened anywhere they want!


What is iDetect?

iDetect is the future of healthcare screening. Pairing our patent pending AI software with a simple image of the human eye, to quickly and effectively detect COVID-19 and other health issues all in just seconds, from anywhere in the world. Let us put our non-invasive technology to work for you, your employees, customers and loved ones!

How Does it work?

First, we teach the system by initially feeding it images from PCR tested patients that are both positive and negative. The AI machine learning neural network then analyzes the images looking for similar positive and negative markers within the eye. It segments the positive markers in one bucket and the negative markers in another bucket. When you upload your eye image for a test iDetect compares it against the eye images in the buckets. If you have positive or negative markers iDetect lets you know in just seconds.

Why iDetect is needed?

The pandemic was an enormous pressure test of the healthcare system globally and we failed. Testing was at the top of the list of failures for several reasons. The limited COVID-19 testing capacity can be attributed to lack of skilled personnel, shortage of equipment & healthcare infrastructure, financial issues, slow approval process, scarcity of supplies, slow test results, and a shortage of raw material used in development of diagnostic tests. It's nearly impossible to scale PCR testing. iDetect is the answer! Completely scalable for the next Pandemic.

Benefits of iDetect?

Reliable test results in just seconds
Non-invasive with zero patient discomfort
Affordable for everyone
Mass testing reduces spread of COVID-19
Scalable on a global basis
Eliminates testing shortages

iDetect Covid-19 rapid test
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