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The world's healthcare systems will be in a better place thanks to the iDetect team.  Our initial goal is to create a platform that will deliver highly accurate, COVID-19 testing results, in seconds, for less than a cup of coffee.

In the future iDetect will decentralize health screening for many diseases allowing tele-medicine to thrive, lowering healthcare costs and saving millions of lives in the process.


Chief Systems Architect
Fred is the brains behind iDetect and he has the vision and entrepreneurial drive to see iDetect come to life. His mission is to save millions of lives with iDetect on a global basis.

Beginning in 1974, Fred Lewis served as a U.S. Army Ranger, Special Forces soldier, and as Special Operations - Operator for the US Army’s elite military unit 1st SFOD-Delta (Delta Force). After leaving the military in 1982, Fred gained considerable experience as a security, marketing, sales and program development consultant. As a commercial - entrepreneur, he created, operated and spun off several start-ups in the fields of telecommunications, software development and artificial intelligence.

From 1996 to 2003 Fred founded and operated Intertel Corp a Makati, Philippines based telecommunications company. Intertel marketed discounted International Direct Dial service for IGF (International Gateway Facility) Carriers. 

From 2004 to 2012 Fred founded and operated CitizensSoft, Inc., Makati, Philippines. CitizensSoft was a software development company that collaborated with De La Salle University to develop kernel level software that enabled selected Windows applications to run on the Linux Operating System.

Beginning in 2017 Fred served as Chief Software Architect for AI nMind a Hong Kong based artificial intelligence laboratory In 2019 Fred was granted patent-pending status for his invention of the Easy Automation Application for the automated development of chatbots.

In 2017 Fred was appointed as a Fellow by (PNU) Philippine Normal University.


Chief Executive Officer
A former Delta Force team leader with over 35 years’ experience in global business development with distribution relationships in all parts of the world. Don has been a self-motivated and success driven business development manager in the corporate business sector for over 35 years. Following his military career where he honed his leadership and operational skills in the US Army’s most elite Special Operations unit Delta Force, he’s been successful in leveraging those skills in developing multiple start-up companies that have grown to global operational status. Utilizing his worldwide network of business partners and colleagues, he has been able to take what was an idea to Proof of Concept and on to Research and Development to form iDetect. He has driven iDetect to the forefront of worldwide recognition as a new and innovative technology and AI company that is quickly proving to be the leader in disease screening and detection.


Chief Operating Officer
Judy is a skilled Operations Manager with 30 years of experience managing all levels of multiple projects including administration, budgeting, project planning and operation implementation. She excels as a leader, possessing strong people management skills. As a competent multi-tasker and ability to work well under pressure, her project management skills and ability to troubleshoot problematic issues has proven to be a valuable asset in launching iDetect from startup through its various stages of development. Her strength is in team building and resource acquisition to ensure identified goals are met with accuracy and project integrity.


Lead Engineer, Machine Learning
is a data scientist with more than 9 years of industry experience. He is highly skilled in Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems, and Cloud technologies. Azam has a Masters in Machine Learning from Princeton University. He has previously worked with Siemens, and Microsoft as a Research and Development Data Scientist and has a lot of experience in this field. Azam is extremely passionate about building AI and cloud driven solutions for betterment of society.
iDetect Covid-19 rapid test
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